My Other, My Sister, My Twin

You are my other.

The only real significant other

No one can replace you, heal you or save you. God forbid, no one could ever take your place. You are my safe space

You make me reminisce about that place, where love was full, words full and life was something else.

Bones grew. Lies were stretched and they echoed. Time stops here in this air lock while real time flies.    Bye.


Now the colours are transparent, translucent, muddied and mixed together and we can’t see them anymore

The path is overgrown and snares bear up their teeth and offer you pain in exchange for pain.

Your fingers are bloodied and broken and you are grasping and teetering on the edge of this flat world I know.

If I could and I would, I would hold you while your ship goes under.
Please know you are perfect in your imperfections.


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